Door finger guard

Prevent finger entrapment on the hinge side of the door

The Finger Alert 170-180º Professional is a professional finger guard for doors. These Finger Guards consist of a strip for each side of the door and two click strips. The strips are able to withstand normal wear and tear.The Finger Alert finger guards for doors are easy to install which saves a lot of time (and money). With the click strips, these door finger protectors can be detached from the door for maintenance in a few seconds.

     •     lengths: 70.8", 77", 90" and 96.5"

     •     door finger guard colours: white, brown and anthracite

     •     tested by making 250,000 opening and closing movements.

     •     5-8 minutes installation time per strip of 70.8"

     •     TUV certified

     •     suitable for swin doors (2x profil large)

     •     suitable for automatic doors (according to the new EN 16005 norm)

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