The Evolution XQ is a fiber offered by GreenFields with a shape that is similar to natural grass. Evolution XQ is an arch-shaped fiber with a durable backbone. The polymer of the fibre is based on TenCate XQTM Technology resulting in an exceptional resistance. The combination of these characteristics provide players the comfort and playability of natural grass with a consistent performance in view of ball-roll, ball bounce, resistance, and sliding friendliness.


  • Arched-shaped monofilament fibre with backbone
  • TenCate XQTMpolymer
  • Tuft height from 40 to 65 mm
  • Certified by FIFA and IRB
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GreenFields Slide Max XQTM fibres have been designed in the shape of a diamond. With 365 microns, GreenFields Slide Max XQTMcan withstand frequent use for many years. This system provides the ultimate combination of advance performance and durability with a natural visual appeal.


  • TenCate Diamond BladeTM
  • 365 microns XWr (Extreme Wear Resistance)
  • Diamond-shaped fibres with a ribbed surface
  • TenCate XQTM polymer technology
  • Certified by FIFA
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