Our Services

Glamour Group is a professional turnkey projects contracting for various kind of products. Glamour Group integrating sales, planning, consultation, installation and after- service into a whole. Glamour Group is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, combining modern technology and persistent development spirit, and relying on strong team cohesion and rich experience in development.

Technical Planning

Glamour Group establishes the plan of the project by providing submittals that will help in verifying the correct products and quantities that will be installed on the project which consists of:

      •  Product Catalogue                                  •  Method Statements

      •  Technical Specifications                         •  Previous Approvals

      •  Test Reports                                             •  Photos from Previous Projects

      •  Material Safety Data Sheet                    •  Draft Warranty Certificate

      •  Certifications

Technical Advice

    •    Collects information and provides solution to the project

    •    Provides product options that will meet the satisfactions of the client

    •    Provides guidance on product selection

    •    Provides answers on technical questions of the client

Technical Drawing

    •    Provides actual dimension and quantities of the project

    •    Drawing will explain the need of the project

    •    Ensures that the drawing is relatively easy to understand

Special Designing

    •    Provides different design proposals considering the desire of the client

    •    Communicates through ideas

    •    Draws what you imagine

    •    Has the top design possibilities

Customized Production

Custom Products are items that will allow the client in selecting the size, thickness or colour of the material that the project requires.

All Building Materials Supplies

Artificial Grass    •    Vinyl Sports Flooring    •   Seamless Rubber Flooring     •    Wooden Sports Flooring    

Cast in Situ Rubber Flooring     •    Acrylic Rubber Flooring    •    Running Track    •    Safety Rubber Tiles

Seamless Equine Flooring    •    Elastic Slab for Equestrian Sports    •    Sports Equipment   •    Netting

Curtain    •    Rubber Type Commercial Flooring     •    Acoustic Vinyl Flooring    •    Compact Vinyl Flooring    

Safety Vinyl Flooring    •    Directional Vinyl Type    •    Non-directional Vinyl Type    •    Antistatic Vinyl Type

Conductive Vinyl Type    •    Corner Guard    •    Finger Alert    •    Door Blocker    •    Wall Protection Padding

And all other Customers Solutions

We will provide you with high-quality products and top service and with novel design philosophy, professional planning and modern production technique We stress on quality, and extend sales into fore-sales planning, free consultation design, professional installation, regular return visit and the establishment of user’s files. Advanced equipment, professional design, exquisite manufacturing, perfect quality assurance system and in time after sales, all these are our quality assurance. Glamour Group always adheres to the principle of “pragmatism, credit and reciprocity”. With top products and top service", Glamour Group willing to cooperate with you for a commonly bright future! All through from start to the final completion and handing over of the project, you work with the same person offering the same quality assistance, ensuring that you receive the optimum service.

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